Friday, July 6, 2007

Technology : Disconnected

How would you feel if you were deprived of your mobile connection?? And then you had no access to the internet, no TV and the FM did not catch signal at all?? Frustrating, right??
Probably not! When you are lost in dense clouds with greenery all around and with a group that can enjoy anywhere they go, you would not even realize that. The place was Malshej and it is worth a lot more than I can write. The visibility of this place changes almost at the wink of an eye. Here is the video for you:
And if this is not amazing enough, have a view of the caves at Lenyadri...and there were no 3D graphics for designing nor were there lifts to reach the place which we puff and pant to reach even with properly designed steps!
Speechless?? Well, I was and I don't have words to say what Bhimashankar was like. Moreover it rained so heavily there that we barely managed a couple of snaps.
And just so that you know how beautiful natural waterfalls look, here is one captured for you.
If you feel you have missed something, you can check the pics here.
Now that I am back, I have my mobile working, the TV is on and FM catches signal, I am wondering where has the technology actually taken us...and I long to go back to the greens with my group sans all technologies to enjoy it the way they did!!!

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pradnya said...

rili this place is "out of this world"atleast by looking at the snaps......{don knowat will b the effect wn il watch it personally}
narration s also quite straight away takes u to the heights of kohoj.
lake of love.....hmmmmm...indeed it speaks about different mysteries in nature(however we call it symbol of love)
indeed in totality its a place one shud visit atleast once in life.....yet personally i belive if it is surrounded by too many human feet and became famous in day definately it wil loose its importance,beauty and most of all PRIVACY......thats all friends.