Monday, January 19, 2009

Where is the Spirit??

On an otherwise lazy Sunday morning in Mumbai Jan 18, 2009 was a bit different. Freshness was in the air as early as 7:00 am (and for some it was even earlier). It was the day Mumbai had chosen to run. This was my consequtive second year and for many this was their first year. So who was running??
The kids were running, the teens were running, the adults were running, even the senior citizens were running. I don't know their names but the language they were speaking were the same..."We are running, what about you??". Age knew no bar neither did religion nor language. Corporates were running, NGOs were running. But why were so many running??

Some running for fun, some for a cause...
but one reason common to all was...
Still, winning was important, someone had to win...and when so many efforts were put in, the win was a deserved one. So then who was the winner??

We won! All those who participated won, all those who supported won...the Spirit of Mumbai won!
We were running, Mumbai was running and the spirit of Mumbai was running...not in fear but in fun, not in chaos but for a cause! And like every year, this year too, "The Spirit of Mumbai" won!
Mumbai will run every year...and we will be there to say...
"Run! Mumbai Run!!!"