Sunday, July 29, 2007

Just 'KID'ding

Last blog I shared my experiences and my friends experiences of "mother". As I was writing about her, I recalled the ear-tweaking that I used to receive from her quite frequently. I still shiver when I think about that and then I wander to those moments that led to my ear-tweaking...then a smile goes across my face and I wonder, how can I re-live those moments. The only way now is to re-visit those sweet memories of the "Best days in my life". So I thought of checking with my friends on their memories...and I received a wholesome response!

My friend Abhi mentions of spanking that he received for being creative. When asked to explain defraction of light in a prism in own words, he literally used his own words. "When light enters thru one side, it sees two sides to go out. Now light is made of seven lights combined. Red being used on top of ambulances wants to remain on top..." And then this guy had the guts to ask the teacher why she marked him a zero....that too in front of the whole class. What happened next is beyond imagination...but what was on his mind could be well explained from the Calvin strip.
Calvin probably explans childhood amazingly and hence I have used Calvin strips generously on this page.

In school, lunch breaks were the greatest times that we used to cherish. We were hardcore footballers and every minute of the 70 minute break mattered. So we used to start our tiffins in the last session before lunch. Counting the time after the tiffins were emptied was something like this...
Talking of eating in the class, one of friend mentions that he was caught eating in the class and his teacher asked him whether he had enough to share with the whole class. He promptly opened his bag and shared what he has with the whole class leaving the teacher speechless. To add to the woes of the teacher, the school principal passed by and saw that everyone were eating in the class. When the teacher narrated the whole incident...the teacher was on the receiving end!

Archana today is one silent gal working in a software company...when I asked her about her childhood, she said always onto some or the other much that her parents thought twice on what punishment to give her.

Actually I would have loved to put in more memories here, but I have time constraints now that I am a grown-up. I have responsiblities...I need to work, I need to earn, I need to be successful. So I live by those memories that I had collected as a child! Sweet dreams!!!

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