Saturday, June 16, 2007

Life in a Mist!!!

When clouds settle on a mountain and greenery surrounds it, life looks so AMAZINGLY beautiful! Its is the same with all of us.

At times it gets so cloudy that things are not visible...and we fail to see the beauty around us. That is what the pic is trying to convey!

I clicked this one on my trip to the Malshej Ghats last year. At that time, my life was all cloudy and I did not know where things were heading. I was searching for a silver lining. Then I decided to take a break and lead the team I was handling to the Malshej and we had a real rocking time.

It was on our way that this view caught our eyes and then my camera could not resist capturing this for long term memories. It cleared my mind of all thoughts, all worries and took me to a world of joy...a certain happiness that words cannot describe.

Afterall when clouds look so beautiful...who would go searching for a silver lining instead of enjoying the beauty of the nature!


trupti said...

hmm..nice snap..
hope to c many more of such intrstng things now onwards..lage raho..

hey m 1st person to write a comment..treat chahiyeeee!!!! hehe..

trupti said...

btw not planning to explore anothr place as its rt time of d yr to do tht..what say hmm????

Guruban said...

Hi Ashutosh,
Wishing you all the Best. Keep it up,

Suresh said...

Nice and close to Nature, Nature is most beautiful place to get all your answers