Saturday, February 16, 2008

In the interim...

After a dozen of blogs last year, I was not able to push for more. There has always been a lot to write about and as usual laziness had its excuse of not being able to find time. Now there is so much to write that I do not know where do I start from.

In the period that I was not writing blogs, there was a lady who was impressed by the blogs I have been writing. She complimented me on my blogs and that is when we started chatting. We became friends and as time passed, we realized that we could hold hands forever. In a period of couple of months, things happened faster than I could imagine and in December, I was officially committed to this sweet lady. That moment was an unforgettable moment. It was the first time that I had seen her after an year (except when we had met to finalize the D-date) and it was the first time that I had held her hand. I had always wished something unique to happen about my marriage and this was just about the thing that I had expected.

Well it was not just about me and her, it was about our families too. They say marriage is a bond, not just between two individuals, but also between two families. Our cousins could not have exemplified this point better. All cousins (most of them) came together on the day before Christmas with a clear motto of enjoying to the fullest. They (my cousins and her cousins) then met for the first time and then they gelled as though they were together since birth and now they are just difference...nothing at all! We did wish the families bond together, and what we got was more than we expected. Celebrations were in the air and merriness all around...happiness was glowing on the faces and the couple in making were basking in its glory!

Now as the the D-day is apporaching, we are obviously getting are our parents, our families...and a group that displays amazing resource of energy: our cousins and friends. Our parents have always been there to back us when we needed. Blessings from parents and wishes from cousins & friends, the D-day is going to be a day to cherish for lifetime! And we take this oppurtunity to thank all those who have been there for us. Saying this, we invite you to our witness LOVE being CELEBTRATED!

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Anonymous said...

Zats da buzzzzzzzzzzz! Buz not bus like the omnibus!. Hope you have a wonderful life ahead with lady A!!