Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Happy Ending!

After a long fruitful journey, God opened doors and invited my grandmother to His Heavenly Abode.

For all of us, grandchildren, she was the same sweet lady about whom we have read in our childhood story tales. A strict lady with a soft heart and probably the only one whom we felt could command our parents (atleast our moms). Personally, I have never have spent much time with her. For me she has been the mother of my mother. Words fell short when I was writing about my mother, so what can I say about the lady who gave my mother.

On Friday August 17th, evening she met Him. Her journey on earth had a Happy Ending!

For us, it was a sad demise of a beautiful lady. We pray her soul rests in peace!

“आज्जी! तुला नाही विसरू शकणार आम्ही!!!”


Dear friends, Thanks for all the feedback that you have sent. I have made a note of all of it. Unfortunaltely I am not in a position to post the feedback this week. Please let your suggestions and feedbacks keep coming. Will definitely put it up on the coming weeks.

Once again, thanks and have a nice week!