Monday, January 18, 2010

We won the marathon!

Writing on my own blog almost after an year. Incidentally my last post on this blog was about the same event...the Mumbai Marathon. Though it is the same event, the experience definitely is a different one. And I believe, everyone who has been there year on year would reflect similar thoughts. I don't know what it is, but this is one of those rare days in the whole year when I am eager to get up early on a Sunday morning, travel to one-end of the town, walk 2-3 kms to run for 6 kms, return back in the scorching heat and still have the energy to write this blog.
Probably it is the "Spirit" of Mumbai, the enthusiasm of the Mumbaikars there where everyone is running for a cause that drives the energy levels to an unbelievable high. I have been attending this event for the past 2 years (this was my third). And this year, I had missed the registration date. It was a terrible feeling of being left out. While I had missed registering, my wife was in...she was a part of her company's corporate run. Over the last couple of weeks, after trying out all known options, I was mentally preparing myself on not being able to participate and instead being a specatator. I was joined by my friend Yogi. However we hadn't lost hopes. So when we managed to get the running bibs, the happiness was unbound! I guess that itself speaks a lot on the event and the never say die attitude of Mumbai.
For my wife, it was her first time and so was it for her friend. From Flora Fountain to Churchgate, Marine Drive to Nariman point over the Princess Street Flyover...she enjoyed every bit of it. Though we were not able to run together, we definitely are participating next year (hoping to run together). So next year again there would be new hopes, higher spirits and another wonderful experience.
And what did we win this year?? Winning is not restricted to cash prizes, trophies and shields. About me, I won a running bib...about my wife, she won a new experience, together we won some wonderful memories. And at least those who were there would echo along with me "Mumbai participated...Mumbai won! We participated, we won!"
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